Published on 11 July 2021 at 19:50


You may know Molly the dalmatian from Instagram! Under the handle @mollythedal her and her dog mom create the most stunning pictures, and funniest video's
In this interview you'll get to know a little more about them! And maybe take some inspiration from them.


Where do you get the inspiration to create those photo's& Video's
I get most of my inspiration from Instagram! There’s so many great photographers out there and seeing their amazing work gives me a lot of inspiration. I also get inspiration from my partner and friends as well as when we’re out walking and I see a nuce location!
How you get your dog to stand in positon for a photo, do you use a specifiek method?
Molly doesn’t have a solid recall and we also have strict leash laws here in Norway, so my partner always joins me on shoots and he handles Molly. I tell him where and how I want her and he does the rest!


Your photo's have been seen by thousands of people all over the world, how do you feel about that? and do you often get reactions in your hometown?
It’s so surreal!! I never actually thought my photos would ever be seen by this many people. It’s very fun and flattering that people like them, it also makes me wanna create more content! There’s actually not too many people in my hometown that have said anything as I don’t think a lot of people here know. I’ve had comments from family members and neighbours and they all love it! We did get contacted by a journalist back in February when we had 13k followers and he did and interview with us, but I don’t think a lot of people read the article as no one mentioned it.



Do you always edit your photo's ? do you have methods you use for photo's to keep your feed clean.
Yes I do! For me personally a photo needs editing to show it’s trye potential. Some photos need less and some a little more but I always edit them! I try and switch up the colours so it’s a good mixture of colours without being to repetitive. I always make sure Molly is super crisp and white!



These days there's alot of dog accounts who use instagram, what makes you think yours pops out from others
Fristly I think it’s because Molly is a dog that standa out, not only is she a dalmatian but she also has one blue and one brown eye. And of course her sassy attitude and many expressions! Hopefully it’s also because people like my photos and editing.



What place would you like to go someday with your dog to make stunning pictures
A dream location that propably will never happen is traveling south in Europe and take stunning photos in all the flower fields. We unfortunately don’t have that here up north. I have plans of going to Norways national mountain and hopefully getting some incredible photos there!



Do you have a tip for beginner dogs ( with photographer as owner ) to start with social media?
Be genuine, kind and have fun! Interact with others, make new friends and don’t bother too much about the numbers and likes. Instagram is supposed to be fun! Make sure you post high quality photos and don’t post just to post, quality over quantity!


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