Make your dog famous on Instagram

 Do you see Instagram star potential in your dog? Here are some steps to get you going on your pet influencer path.

Broaden your hashtags

"Use general hashtags related to your dog's breed (we use #lagotto and #lagottosofinstagram), then relate the others to the rest of your image. For a snoozy Monday photo, I'll use #Monday, #mondaze or #snooze. It's always good to use weekly hashtags like #throwbackthursday to share puppy pictures. A lot of dog accounts use #tongueouttuesday."

Take a high quality profile picture

The second step would be to choose a high quality photo of your pet to use as their profile picture. It’s best to choose an up-close photo so people can see their face. But, if you have something with bright colors or an eye-catching background definitely go with that.

Make captions fun

When sharing photos, you’ll want to think of a fun and engaging caption to grab followers attention. puns/jokes, or ask questions. The best way to achieve lots of engagement on your photos is to give people something to respond to.



Engage with other users

The key to growth on Instagram is engagement. In a nutshell, engagement refers to your interaction with other users — your likes, comments and shares — and their interaction with your account. Engagement also applies to the number of accounts you follow. Typically, the more accounts you follow that are similar to yours, the more followers you’ll get in return.