Instagram for Photographers: Grow Your Account


When i first started photography i wasn't using instagram regually, in the second year of my buisness i learnt instagram is a needed tool to grow your buisness, for example get more known, more clients, and exposure. 

This year i grew very fast on instagram and i want to share some tips i used so that you might be able to grow as well.

Getting on Explore

The key to Instagram growth will be the explore page. There are other methods that can supplement your account growth, but the Explore page is what’s going to make or break it.

So how do you get on Explore?

The engagement groups had the right idea. You must post high quality content that gets engagement from similar, wide-reaching accounts in the form of likes, comments and saves. Once someone likes your post, a part of their followers will see your photo on their explore pages.

The only way to achieve this naturally is to make sure your content, your actual photography, is high quality and somewhat unique. Once you reach a certain level, people will take note and you should start growing naturally.

It helps to communicate with people in your niche by creating genuine connections. Respond to people who leave comments on your photos, leave comments yourself, and don’t ignore your DMs.

Post frequency

The more you post, the more chances you have to hit the explore page and the more followers you will gain. This is a balancing act between frequency and quality , personally i try to post every day and sometimes every other day, it's hard to post that much but in that way people keep seeing your photo's.

Feature Pages and Hashtags

I gained alot of followers through feature pages, you should find popular feature accounts which match the subject of your photo and tag them, and if you're lucky they will repost your photo.

It’s better to select your hashtags manually, as it’s pretty much something you only have to do once.  make a list, and then use those tags whenever you post. There should be a few variations. Never use more than 30 per post, personally I use something between 15 and 25 depending on the post. And that is all the time I dedicate to features.


Instagram reels

Ever since i started making reels ive gained 100-1000 followers.

But how?

Use trends that people post about and use popular sounds, i use the app capcut to edit my video's it's free to use, also use hastags on your reels, and try to post 2-3 reels per week, if you only post 1 you won't get that much exposure.

Make your thumbmail look cool so people will click on your reel, and make your caption look intresting.